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Firstly, it’s no holiday! We do not operate holidays, we operate challenge events which give each participant the opportunity to push themselves to their limit in a safe, risk assessed environment, all with excellent support. From the moment you sign up, you are venturing on a journey which will change your life - from the exceptional support you receive leading up to and throughout the event.
We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality events and service. With a dedicated Customer Care Team, we take you on a fully supported journey. From comprehensive pre-event information to on the ground delivery of the challenge; we go beyond the ‘norm’ and surpass expectation. Experienced, professional challenge leaders and crew, committed and motivational office staff - we believe we are more than just a challenge event company - we are adventure at your side.
Individuals from all ages, backgrounds and locations! The one thing everyone has in common is the desire to push themselves, and mostly for a cause that’s close to their heart. Most people sign up as individuals and as part of our support to you, we encourage and can put you in touch with your fellow participants before departure. Due to the amazing camaraderie on our challenges, you’ll soon find yourself making lifelong friendships with people who share you empathy for good causes…or share your empathy for just loving a challenge!
18 years on or before the day of travel. 14 – 17 year olds can join us if they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Please note, this must be one-on-one. One parent or guardian cannot accompany two 14 – 17 year olds. Both parties must understand that if at any point one of you need to come off the challenge for whatever reason, the other person must do so also. You are also responsible to pay for any surcharge/additional cost that may come applicable, this point is particularly relevant when it comes to our National 3 Peaks Challenge as you will be booked into your own family/twin room in the hostel instead of our 4 or 8 bedroom dormitories.
You do need to have a reasonable level of fitness in order to take part, but you do not need to be ‘super fit’ or a professional athlete! We suggest you slowly build up your fitness levels on the build up to your challenge. Check out the training and preparation section of our website – it’s full of hints and tips to point you in the right direction.
This is what separates us from other challenge event companies. With our dedicated Customer Care Team you are in great hands from the moment you register. We keep in contact with you through regular emails and letters, and we are always on the phone or email to answer any queries you have. We share our communications plan with each participant so you know what you're going to receive from us and when.
For each international event, we work very closely with a local ground handler who employees local guides who will assist us in delivering the challenge. Most of our international challenges have a UK Challenge Leader travelling with the group, offering extra levels of support. All UK and European challenges have a strong support team employed directly through ourselves and the number of support crew you have on the challenge will depend on the size of the group. In addition, every high altitude challenge will have a medic or doctor present, offering specific medical support. Please visit our specific Health and Safety page for further information.
For international events, it is compulsory that you are adequately insured to take part in your Global Adventure Challenge. It is also highly recommended that you’re insured to take part in UK Challenges as well. Please see our Travel Insurance page for further information.
The non-refundable registration fee forms part of the total challenge cost and is used to process your registration, vet your medical form and also to secure suppliers linked with your challenge. We strongly suggest you obtain travel insurance immediately after registration to cover this cost element of your challenge.
We need to source flights that best match our challenge itineraries and often, there are no direct flights to the challenge destination. Please keep in the mind, that airlines do not offer, good competitive rates for groups on direct flights, so in order to get the best price, please be prepared for transit stops. Don't worry, embrace these as they are perfect opportunities to get to know your fellow challengers! We operate using group contracts with airlines, meaning we do not have direct access to airline ticketing systems.
Yes. Please contact us and we can supply you with a ground only cost. Please ensure that you contact us to confirm your challenge has recruited the minimum number of participants to proceed before purchasing your flight. We are not liable for any money lost, if you are booking your own flights. You will also be responsible for getting yourself to the pre-agreed meeting point at the challenge destination to meet up with the rest of the group.
The majority of our challenges depart from London as flying from regional airports only adds to the flight cost. If you are flying down to London to meet up with the group, please allow plenty of time for your connection as most internal budget airlines offer zero flexibility. Unfortunately, we cannot book any internal flights.
Yes, so long as we have their authorisation that they are happy for you to take part on their behalf.
Once you have registered we notify your charity about your participation. They should then contact you with a fundraising pack. You can also obtain some comprehensive fundraising tip and ideas by visiting our Fundraising page on this website.
First of all, don’t panic! You are required to send a certain amount of sponsorship to your charity by a certain date before the challenge takes place. The charity will be aware if it looks like you are not going to reach this target. One option will be to make up any shortfall yourself. Another will be to transfer to a future challenge to give you more time to fundraise - the cost to transfer to a future challenge date is £60 + VAT plus any difference in registration fee. Let the charity or ourselves know as soon as possible - we have many tried and tested methods that can help you succeed!
Yes you can, but you would need to amend your booking from our flights inclusive package either before or after you have registered to our ground only package. For further information on prices and how our ground only packages work please contact
We view complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as putting things right for you. If you have any form of complaint in the lead up to your challenge please contact the Customer Care team on the details below who will endeavour to put things right.

If there is something that you perceive to be a lack of conformity during the performance of the challenge you must inform your challenge leader without undue delay. This will allow us the opportunity to remedy the situation on the ground.
It may be possible to transfer your place to another person. Any transfer request must be made at least 7 days before the departure of your challenge. There are administration costs associated with a transfer and suppliers may also charge additional fees. All costs associated with a transfer must be paid in full before it can be confirmed or granted. In addition to the costs the person taking your place on the challenge must meet all registration formalities including completing a full registration form, medical questionnaire and if necessary, get their GP’s signature confirming they are physically and mentally fit enough to complete the challenge.
It may be possible to transfer to a new date or challenge. Transferring to a new challenge date and/or challenge is only possible before your challenge balance due date and does incur an administration cost.

For further information on the process and associated costs please contact the Customer Care team by email:


Please contact Global Adventure Challenges at or call 01244 676454