Our Top Moments of 2019!

Our Top Moments of 2019!

It’s been an incredible year at Global Adventure Challenges, and we’ve hit some amazing milestones over the past twelve months. It’s been tough to narrow them down, but we’ve put together a handful of our favourite moments this year – keep reading for more on our biggest year ever!


  • SIX brand new adventures launched

At GAC we’re always looking ahead, and for 2021 we decided to do something different and introduce some exciting new adventures to our challenge calendar! Whether you prefer your challenges on a bike or on foot, long haul or short haul, to push you to your limits or just to get you outside your comfort zone – we have something we know you’ll love! Read more about our new challenges here.

  • We announced our Climate Care strategy for 2020 onwards

We believe that we all have a responsibility to help fight climate change, and we’re committed to offsetting as much of the carbon generated by our challenges as we possibly can. With this in mind, we have partnered with three different organisations who are focussed on fighting deforestation and climate change through tree planting! Going forward, our climate care strategy will be to plant trees in an effort to offset the carbon footprint of our challenges and so as part of the inclusions in the cost of your challenge, we guarantee that for every participant who travels on one of our open challenges we will plant a number of trees through one of our partner organisations. Find out more here.

  • We hit 20,000 page likes on Facebook – and celebrated by giving away a free place on one of our most iconic adventures

We were delighted to reach the milestone of 20,000 page likes on Facebook and to celebrate, we gave one lucky person the chance to take part in our London to Paris Tour de France Cycle – completely free of charge! Our winner will be taking part in the challenge in 2020 – we’ll let you know how they get on! If you’re not already part of our Facebook community, get involved here.

  • Not one moment – but one hundred

Our next moment of 2019 is not one single moment, but over 100! This year we were so excited to receive more than 100 recommendations on our Facebook page – we love hearing feedback from our challengers as it helps us to ensure that we’re delivering on what we promise – the adventure of a lifetime. So, to hear from more than 100 people that they would recommend their adventures to others meant everything to us!

  • More participants than ever joined us for their adventure of a lifetime

We’re so proud of all our amazing adventurers for pushing their boundaries to achieve things that in many cases, they never thought possible – and in 2019 more individuals than ever chose to join us to leave their comfort zone and achieve something truly amazing! Whether they were trekking the Great Wall of China, cycling Vietnam to Cambodia, sledding across the Arctic or taking part in TrekFest, we were excited to help so many adventurers tick an experience off their bucket list. Fancy following in their footsteps? Check out our range of adventures here.

If you want to make 2020 (or 2021) an adventure, then just click the button below to get started! Explore our full range of challenges and find your challenge of a lifetime.


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