What Can You Do in The Alps?

What Can You Do in The Alps?

The Alps

The Alps are a stunning mountain range and the highest in Europe, stretching for 1200km across eight alpine countries. The Alps are divided into the Western Alps and the Eastern Alps, split following the river Rhine. The western Alps involve Italy, France and Switzerland and are the higher of the two Alps regions. The Eastern Alps belong to Austria, Germany, Italy, Liechenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The highest peak in the Alps is the magnificent Mont Blanc (4,808m), which is located along the Italian, French border. The highest peak in Western Europe, Mount Blanc is covered in snow and ice all year round and its name means ‘White Mountain’.

The Alps are the youngest mountain range in Europe, having formed approximately 65 million years ago. As well as mountains, the Alps are famous for it’s clear Alpine lakes, including the stunning Lake Geneva, Lake Constance and Lake Como.


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What to Do in The Alps

The Alps are an extremely popular area, attracting over 100 million visitors every year. There’s an array of different activities to take part in during both the winter and summer months.  Winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing can be done in most regions between December to April. Or if you are more of a summer adventurer, then there are plenty of activities available for you to enjoy including trekking, cycling, mountain biking, paragliding and rock climbing.

Top things to see and do in the beautiful Alps;

Skiing – Extremely popular in the winter months, the Alps offer a variety of slopes, for all skiing abilities. From the biggest ski area in the world; Les 3 Vallees in France, to the picture-perfect Grindelwald in Switzerland or Austria’s Alberg with over 300m of ski runs - the Alps is the place to be for a skiing adventure!

Paragliding – Paragliding is one of the best ways to experience the views of the surrounding mountains, with its birth place being the Alps! Enjoy a calming experience and take in the views during a tandem flight or experience a Sensation flight – where the instructor will take you on an adrenaline filled journey as they perform a range of manoeuvres with you attached!

Mountain Railways – The Alps are home to some of the world’s most scenic mountain railways. From taking in the stunning scenes of Mont Blanc via Tramway Mont Blanc or discovering Europe’s highest train station; Jungfraujoch, Switzerland – the experience of journeying through Europe’s giants by train is a magical experience.

Biking – The Alps accommodate both keen road cyclists and adventurous mountain bikers alike! With many previous Tour de France stages taking place in and around the Alps, the challenging cols are popular with road cyclists. Whilst the Alps are also one of the best places to experience extreme downhill mountain trails, with so many different mountain bike paths waiting to be explored!

Alpine Lakes – The Alps are not just known for their impressive peaks, but also for their exceptional lakes. There are plenty of gorgeous lakes and lakeside towns waiting to be explored, and are a fantastic way to cool off during the hot summer months. Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Bled are among some of the most stunning lakes in the Alps. Many of the lakes in the area also provide water sport activities including Kayaking and Paddle boarding.

Climbing – Home to hundreds of summits above 4000m, the Alps are made up of Europe’s highest peaks and therefore popular with experienced mountaineers. There are a number of classic routes to choose from, including summiting the famous Mont Blanc, exploring Switzerland’s Matterhorn or hiking Italy’s Monte Rosa. Rock and ice climbing is also extremely popular in the Alps, with a range of rock types to discover, from limestone overhangs to glacier covered granite for the experienced – as well as rock climbing courses available for beginners.

Relax – The Alps isn’t just an adventure hub, but it is also the perfect location to relax; sunbathe, read or just simply sit and take in the incredible scenery surrounding you. There is a range of relaxing spa hotels and alpine resorts available if you are looking for a bit of pampering, as well as many natural thermal spa’s available across the Alps!

Walking and Hiking – The best way to explore the incredible scenery and experience the fresh mountain air of the Alps mountain range is definitely by foot. There are many walking routes available enabling you to explore the beautiful lakes, waterfalls, forests and stunning mountains of this beautiful area. From short alpine walks to multi-day trekking adventures – there is a trekking experience available for every hiking enthusiast! Check out our Alps Trek below!

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Hiking in the Alps

The Alps are a hikers dream and one of the greatest walking destinations in the world, with an array of dazzling mountain scenery, shimmering glaciers and stunning waterfalls waiting to be discovered. There are hundreds of well-marked trails to explore, ranging in difficulty and connected via a range of villages, mountain huts and camp sites. The Alps hiking season ranges from May to October, where you can make the most of the summer weather.


Looking for An Adventure of a Lifetime?

Join us on our Alps Trekking Challenge and hike through three countries in just three days – France, Italy and Switzerland! We will explore the picturesque Mont Blanc region of the Alps, trekking for a total of approximately 46km. Highlights of this challenge involves exploring the mountaineering capital – Chamonix, hiking through traditional swiss villages and open meadows as well as climbing alpine passes surrounded by unbeatable views of waterfalls, cliffs and glaciers.

Taking just five days in total, this European trekking adventure is ideal for those who have less time to take away from home – the perfect Alps experience!

Join us and experience the beauty of the Alps for yourself and create memories that will last forever!




Trekking - example of what you can do in the Alps


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