What Is the Highest Peak in The Lake District?

What Is the Highest Peak in The Lake District?


The Lake District is England’s largest National Park, a UNESCO World heritage site and one of the most stunning locations in the UK.  Located in the North West of England, this incredible National Park is known for its stunning lakes, incredible views and Kendal mint cake – but most importantly it’s magical mountain tops!

A place of tranquillity, the Lake District is home to both the deepest (Wastwater) and longest (Lake Windermere) lakes in England. As well as stunning lakes, England’s highest mountains are also found in the Lake District, offering the most spectacular hiking routes in the UK. In fact, the Lake District is home to the top ten highest mountains in England – including Scafell Pike - England’s highest mountain, standing at 978m (3209 ft).


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Scafell Pike is England’s highest mountain and a peak that should definitely be on your adventure bucket list! Positioned within the Southern Fells, the original name of this rugged mountain was ‘The Pikes of Sca Fell’, however the change was caused by an error on an Ordanance Survey Map – which ended up sticking! It is estimated that Scafell Pike was formed more than 450 million years ago and is part of the Borrowdale Volcanic Group of igneous rock formations.

The hike to the summit is long, but manageable – however it can be tricky to navigate in bad weather. The lower paths are well defined and gentle, then become rocky and rugged as the path inclines, becoming very steep towards the summit. There are two main routes to the summit of Scafell Pike – the shortest and most straight forward way to the top is to start at the Wasdale Head. This route is approximately a seven-mile round trip from the car park at Wasdale Head – taking around 6 hours to complete. The second route starts at Seathwaite in Borrowdale, with a distance of 9.5 miles, and approaches the summit along the spectacular Corridor Route.

Whichever route you take, the views from the top of Scafell Pike are incredible. On a clear day it is possible to see 360° views of the surrounding peaks, as well as those as far away as Wales, Ireland and Scotland!






  • Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England measuring 3,209ft (978m) high.
  • The mountain is home to the highest standing water in England – Broad Crag Tarn, located at 2,700ft.
  • Scafell Pike was donated to the National trust by Lord Leconfield in 1919 – in order to honour local men who had lost their lives fighting in the First World War.
  • England’s deepest lake, Wastwater, lies at the foot of Scafell Pike and is an astounding 258ft deep.
  • Scafell Pike is the 13th highest mountain in the British Isles and the fourth highest outside of Scotland.
  • The romantic setting of the Lake District has inspired many poets and writers including Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter.



The best way to explore this stunning mountain is to climb it yourself and join us on a trekking challenge in the Lake District!

We have a range of fantastic challenges that take us to the top of England. 

The classic Three Peaks Challenge takes us on a journey to the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon). This challenge involves climbing around 10,000ft and covering approximately 22 miles - a tough challenge, but an achievable one with the correct training! Find out exactly what the Three Peaks Challenge involves HERE.

If you have already conquered the Three Peaks Challenge then our 24 Peak Challenge is the trekking challenge for you! This is one of the most challenging trekking adventures in the UK – taking on 24 peaks in the Lake District over two days, including Scafell Pike. The days will be long and the trekking is really tough, but the accomplishment of conquering 24 peaks in the Lake District will make your efforts well worthwhile.





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