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Training & Preparation

We do not expect our participants to be professional athletes, or super fit by any means – it’s all about the experience – but it is true that the fitter you are, the more enjoyment and satisfaction you will receive from your chosen challenge.

A major benefit and a huge positive of the experience is having the opportunity to set targets and increase your fitness levels in the lead up to the challenge. With our support, encouragement and advice, we’re positive you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


Training Guidelines

As part of our commitment to you and to support you on your journey, we supply comprehensive training guides for all our challenges. These will be sent to each participant, as part of the Welcome Pack received following registration. 

However, if you've lost them or want a sneak peak brief, they can also be downloaded below.

Trekking Training Guide

Cycling Training Guide

Rafting Training Guide

Sledding Training Guide


High Altitude Challenges

Any challenge that exceeds 3,500m in altitude is considered to be a high altitude challenge.

It’s very important every participant understands the effects altitude can have on the body. We’ve created a comprehensive document, which we highly recommend you read in the lead up to your challenge. You can access this by clicking here.



Affiliate Partners

We recognise the commitment our participants put into their preparation ahead of one of our challenges and therefore we are continuously forming partnerships with external providers and retailers to supply discounts to our community. Current perks are listed below: