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Travel Insurance

In order to participate in a Global Adventure challenge, it is compulsory that you have travel insurance for any Overseas Challenge and it is recommended for any UK Challenge.


Act now! 

Obtaining travel insurance immediately after registration is highly recommended as that will then cover you, should you have to cancel your place through injury, illness and/or other legitimate reasons.

We are able to offer comprehensive travel insurance specifically tailored to our challenges through our partner, Travel and General Insurance Services Ltd. You can obtain your policy and get a quote by clicking here. Please note, in order to acquire a policy through Travel and General you must be a UK resident and registered with a UK General Practitioner.

Obtaining your own travel insurance

You are welcome to obtain your own travel insurance of similar or higher level of cover. We advise you leave details regarding your independent travel insurance at home with your Next of Kin in addition to taking copies with you on the challenge.


Please be aware that most travel insurance companies, including our partner Travel and General, will not cover your bicycle as part of the policy. Please take the time to read all the small print of your insurance documents. Insuring your bicycle can typically be done through your home and contents insurance but this depends on your specific policy.



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