New Climate Care Initiative!

New Climate Care Initiative!

Here at Global Adventure Challenges we are committed to making a positive difference and have therefore just introduced our brand-new climate care strategy.


We have a responsibility to help fight climate change and as a company, we aim to offset as much of the carbon generated by our challenges as we possibly can. 

Travelling, especially flying, has a significant impact on the environment by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. To offset this, for every open challenge you take part in, we’ll plant a certain number of trees through one of the organisations below.

Our adventures have an incredibly positive impact on the local communities we visit. We work with small, local ground handlers who employ local guides and staff. We also aim to use as much local infrastructure as possible to preserve the local economies, so we truly believe we need to keep travelling to these incredible places.

We know we can’t be carbon-free, but this strategy is our first steps to becoming carbon neutral and hopefully one day – climate positive!



Depending on flight length and activities, the carbon footprint of each of our challenges differ – and therefore we’ll plant a diffeof trees for each challenge.




Overseas Treks Climate Care

UK & European Challenges Climate Care

The planting of trees will happen on an annual basis, at the end of our challenge season, split between the organisations below. At the end of each year, we will keep you updated on how many trees we have planted!



We have partnered with four different organisations who are focussed on fighting deforestation and climate change through planting trees;


Dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and threatened ecosystems in the Andes. Find out more here -


Based in Indonesia, Yagasu works towards mangrove restoration and protection, with an aim to restore a healthy ecosystem for biodiversity, for communities and for climate. Find out more here -

The Bujang Raba Community PES Project

Conserves endangered primary rainforest in Sumatra’s Bukti Barisan forest. Find out more here -

Trees for Life

A conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands. Find out more here -


Climate care initiative


For more information on Responsible Tourism, click here or give us a call on 01244 676454!


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